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I’m so happy , thanks to my new WordPress neighbour friend ;)!

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tower by marc bestgen

It is amazing what can happen when you post your thoughts and someone comments on it. This time I have discovered a new deck in the state of creation! Marc Bestgen is on the journey to create his own, absolutely stunning tarot deck. On the cards are nonfigurative digital images that are fantastic for journeying into or meditating on. Each and every one of them are showing tremendous care and love put in their making, and of course great talent from Marc’s side!

The picture above is the Tower. Usually not my favorite card from any deck, as it is always the same old building falling down. Not in this deck though! As soon as I have seen it I fell in love. This is something new! This is the Tower FROM THE INSIDE! It is so exciting and living, moving… it is in fire!

Looking at it…

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XXI.  THE UNIVERSE ( or, I never thought I could title a blog post from  deep space) TAROT CARD 


Dearest friends good day, herewith my painted card 21, THE UNIVERSE. This one was appearing in my drafts with green patterns , I felt something was wrong, it was nice but not mysterious enough (as the Universe is).  I tried several filtering applications when suddenly in IColorama I choosed a tainted glass filter and obtained a feeling of space that you see and hopefully feel on the card. I know the Universe is not only the sky above us and probably that explains my first draft was mostly with green dominant colours, trying to represent our planet, a forest within it.  I might use it for another card, because now I like this one with the spiralling lines, a lot. I swim in it! I hope you too! As always, your comments are welcomed! Note: but I repeat myself because getting older: I create my Tarot deck to once finished, print it with rounded corners on a shiny hard paper. And draw a box for them.  If interested receiving one tell me but there is no rush I still got cards to draw and paint. A good day , evening to you!

Marc Bestgen


IX. THE HERMIT – Yet another Tarot card , 40 more to go!


Before they are packed all 78 cards in a nice box, with a leaflet, I draw and paint them and remain with about forty cards to draw. Here is my latest, numbered 9, The Hermit.  I hope you enjoy it! Marc Bestgen


XIX.  THE SUN , New Tarot deck card, hand-made


Good day all! Here is the card numbered 19, THE SUN.  I draw in the past another sun card and found this one presented here now more in line with what I draw today. I used Photoshop on this one, first time for long time I let this application and now discover it again finding it very helpfull.

I like the rays and the rounded center representing a warm and mysterious sun! This in a dark surrounding, I like it a lot.

The fonts is quite strange. I swear I typed The Sun and look at what appears on card, a bit different!

Thank you for comments!

Marc Bestgen


Two Of Cups.  Love.  Tarot game card, hand-made.


Good day dearest friends, presenting you my new card, the Two of Cups named Love. Initially the rough image, rough in the sense of unfiltered, comes from my dear Peter friend’s application Art Fountain that I after this process wash into filtering and colorization process. Toughest for me is to find the correct font and font color, I’m not totally satisfied with these on this card. Will sleep over this and watch again tomorrow. Meanwhile your comments are most welcomed!


Cards Deck’butt (hot picture) : )

Photo 28-11-15 13 22 12-0

Here is the back side of the Tarot cards deck I draw. I wanted discretion, not that the back side be more attractive then the front side (but equally). Choice of colours was like choosing for a new living-room walls, lot of trying before deciding. I hope you like, and as always comments are welcome! Marc Bestgen


IX. THE HERMIT. Hand made Tarot card.


Washed colours, a bit shaded light, smooth transitions between colours, here is the IX.  The Hermit card. I wanted the card to look as if seen through a mist, I deleted many drafts before settling on this one. I hope you like it! Marc Bestgen


Three Of Wands, a new Tarot card.


Herewith my Three of Wands hand made card, I for once experiment with an obvious representation of three wands, being as simple as possible with the use of three similar basic rounded shapes. The workload was more focused on the background colours mix.  I hope you like it! Marc Bestgen



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