XVI.  THE TOWER   New Tarot deck card


XVI THE TOWER , seen from such a perspective the viewer is inside the tower watching up.  Per definition a tower is strong, straight, reinforced in heavy stones or metal. The one on this card is fluid, moving, dancing, unperfect, colored, magical.

Marc Bestgen


XIII. DEATH – New Tarot deck card 


Hello friends, here is the card named XIII. Death.  I created it within several days, spending most of time on filtering the image that I originally draw too sharply. Now this final image for the card is smoother and carries some dreamy mist surrounding the shapes. I know the drawing is unusual for a Death card with the weird shapes and strange faded colours, I wanted it this way although  when starting drawing a card, I don’t know where it will lead me. Enough talk! Enjoy the card! Oh if you just start reading me, I create a Tarot deck and if interested by a physical copy (of the deck, not of me), leave a comment, thank you! A good day to all , – Marc Bestgen

Note: the card angles will be rounded. I have them square now for printing reason.


XI. LUST. Home made Tarot card


Hello! I present you the next card , the number 11, named Lust. I did it with the intention to keep it strong but simple. I did not want to supercharge the card with lot of details. But you can find some smaller things creeping in the purple light …. : )  I hesitate about this one, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, I mean the design. Thanks for comments!  Marc Bestgen



New Tarot Card : The Magus


Hi friends! Here, and thank you for watching, my new Tarot Card, The Magus.  I’m building my deck with great happiness hoping you enjoy discovering the cards one by one. I found a publisher (I need to pay) to make it go live on shiny cards! If interested, I might make several copies and sell it (cheap). I don’t know yet, I will think about. Have a nice day : ) Marc Bestgen


New! Tarot Card

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Hi friends, here is today’s Tarot card I made, if interested I’ll release a full pack soon, drop a note! Marc 


Two new Tarot Game Cards, handmade, limited editions


Good day/night dearest friends,

Here are the two latest Tarot cards I created , they will be on sale with the entire game shortly in a special edition box with an hand written message for each buyer, all this numbered.  Forecasted are a hundred copies (it is a lot of work for me and should remain a pleasure so I won’t make it an industry!).  Enjoy !

Marc Bestgen


My project of a Tarot cards game, done with IOS picturing and drawing applications only


Hello! I’m working on a Tarot cards game project made with IOS apps only from scratch till publishing and even the printing. I use for it one camera application, one painting application, three pictures effects applications, two for the fonts and one for the light.  Plus my favorite , a random generating pictures software that gives me much pleasure. My Tarot game will consist for the numbering and names of the Thoth cards from Aleister Crowley but in no way will try to match the exceptionally beautiful originally designed for him cards. It will be a new kind of game and here are some sketches. I hope you like and if you are interested please share, Thank you!



Waiting for fuel truck.


On an airtrip to Eastern Europe, on an airstrip it’s me waiting fpr fuel truck before sky bexomes darker!

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