Luggage wall, Brussels – Photography: Marc Bestgen


Fantastically travelling watching a luggage wall. Marc Bestgen20140730-155100-57060052.jpg

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Seaside, Belgium – Picture: Marc Bestgen


Everything is said in silence. 20140730-112113-40873983.jpg

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Metro exit and urban life -Center Brussels, four photographies.


An almost without a soul city center, Brussels under an intense Summer light. Marc Bestgen





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Older crane – Brussels


Older crane along the river side, Brussels – Belgium. Photography made with Huemore and slightly filtered with Filterstorm Neue. 20140730-110608-39968646.jpg

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Image Sizes: 440 × 782 Image Information
  • Aperture: 2.4
  • Created Timestamp: July 22, 2014
  • Focal Length: 4.12
  • ISO: 50
  • Shutter Speed: 0.00066401062416999
  • Orientation: 1

Venetian painted glass – picture


Venecia is a wonderful place with talented artists painting on glass. Here is my picture of carefully lighted randomly set painted glass. Marc Bestgen

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Review : Snapwire app (picture network) : unclear selection process : avoid.


If you sell pictures you probably are on some pictures selling sites that these days also publish applications for Iphone and Android.

I registered on Snapwire (, (but not for long because I ran away from it, continue reading) , uploaded a portfolio like I did on other sites and waited the usual acceptation procedure.

While I’ve been accepted to post within two days on sites like RoomTheAgency, Stockimo, Dreamstime, here it is not the case. After ten days presence, I do not know if I’m in or not. I asked along these ten days the Spapwire support for clarification: do my pictures fit your site or do they not? The answers provided are polite but totally unclear and avoiding the topic like “you might grow with us”, “we are looking for light edit”, “your profile is under review” (then nothing).

I wouldn’t mind a clear no. Some sites of course refuse my pictures and I respect these decisions. These other sites even tell me why. Snapwire don’t say yes neither no, playing with a non professional game.

Now about the “this is unfair” part.

To be accepted you need four of your pictures to be uploaded and selected. I uploaded thirteen of my best, the ones that opened me known sites doors. I wondered why it takes the selection staff so much time to let me in or tell me out and went meanwhile ┬áto browse the other pictures posted, the accepted ones, to see if the quality level is too high for my work. After all, it might be another Getty Images site whose choosen pictures must absolutely be perfect? But no and I couldn’t believe seeing many (really: many) “expert shooter” labelled profiles posting plain cold pictures that Instagram would refuse if they had a quality control. I counted on a profile forteen accepted badly lit food pictures (plates and plates), on another one, pages and pages of the same sunset at what looked like five seconds intervals shooting (very so Facebook style). Someone posted a picture of harshly lighted by flash, luggage on a floor (composition was anything but good) (this picture was selected and I could not believe it), some overexposed pictures here and there. I thought that if those shots are accepted (it seems that once you’re qualified as “expert” on Snapwire you can post anything and you’ll be rewarded), why are my flying over african desert flight deck pictures refused? Why is my parked plane under heavy sun in a desert few people landed in, while on an expedition, refused? Why is my carefully lighted building refused while on Stockimo the same is a hit? Understand me that I do not care being refused if for all profiles the quality must be ++ but seeing other people posting absolute bad pictures (the Flickr average holidays posts) being accepted and even rewarded, makes me think that something is very wrong here.

Snapwire is unclear and seem to randomly choose their featured pictures that are many times lacking personality Replies from support are unclear, like they want to keep you on hold playing prolongations for whatever reason (while yet another holidays plane seat portrait has been nominated,on another profile and I prefer not seeing such a pic ever again in my life).

Conclusion: avoid and preferably go Stockimo, Dreamstime because these two tell you exactly what goes on with your submissions. Snapwire support answers are unclear, the submission process is unclear, the ranking is anything but logical. Avoid Snapwire if you are serious about selling photography.

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Manhattan Beach, California

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